Start-Up Course

The ultimate course for women looking to set-up their own business

Start-Up Course – The ultimate course for women looking to set-up their own business

You will absorb yourself into a space where you can share your experiences and ambitions with like-minded women. This is a unique course designed to give you the toolkit and confidence to move forwards with a strategy. You will be a small group of women, focussing on what it takes to be take that leap to starting your own venture.

You will:

  • Explore and develop your business proposition
  • Set targets and goals
  • Regard your competitors
  • Consider your brand
  • Have an accountability partner
  • Team building
  • Be given assignments to take away and complete
  • Record WINS
  • Explore the art of reinvention
  • Understand the excitement of running your own business
  • Discuss Time Management and prioritise key areas in your life
  • Learn the importance and REWARDS of discipline, mediation, routine, eating well and looking after yourself (I told you… it’s holistic)
  • Receive a 60 paged Handbook from our slides and for note taking

Start-Up Course

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Hetty Rackham - Marketing Consultant

My Name is Hetty Rackham, I am a Mum of 2, 24 years of Marketing Experience and have been running my own business for 12 years. I know how hard it is to juggle a work/life balance, working for yourself is incredibly rewarding but it does require strategic thinking and planning. I want to see women around me succeed, which is why I have created and bring to you my very own Start-Up Course, an impactful course Empowering Emerging Female Entrepreneurs

You will set aside 2 half days to focus on YOU, YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR FUTURE.

A course with a difference, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by marketing jargon, but you will be equipped with the tools you need to move your ideas to another level and create a REAL PLAN.

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