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I’m Hetty Rackham – I’m a super proud Mum of 2 and I have been running my own business now for 12 years. I love working as an independent, working with agency owners and Marketing Directors from all sectors such as health, classic cars, hospitality, law… from SMEs to large corporates and councils. If you’d like to see client lists and testimonials feel free to click here.

The most rewarding part for me? I love pulling together statistical reports that SHOW real ROI on projects, sounds geeky and boring I KNOW! However, for me it’s pure satisfaction, and if the results don’t prove to be as exciting as I’d hoped, then I always challenge myself, my clients and our content strategy to see how we can create the right tactics moving forwards.

My career started in the creative agency world, my first job I was tasked with Biz Development – I was shut in a quiet room, had the Yellow Pages (remember that?!) thrown at me with the task of getting 5 prospect meetings in 2 weeks… I did indeed survive haha… and hit my target and worked my way to being an Account Manager. Within that role I also absolutely loved the buzz of meeting with clients, networking, and securing new business.

After then I moved into the education sector for 8 years, I worked my way from marketing admin to South East Brand Manager, I was responsible for a £1.3m budget for Youth Marketing – promoting Apprenticeships and NVQs. I saw through 2 corporate rebrands and regionalisation… as South East Brand Manager I worked closely with a few London agencies, learning and really understanding the processes behind brand design, brand positioning and brand management across a large national organisation.

I think after working my way up the corporate ladder, I needed the change and be free to create a business and lifestyle that suited me. As a free spirit marketing consultant, I soon came to realise I love running my own business, coming in and out of various other businesses giving strategic advice and social media.

What’s the secret sauce? Keep learning… I continue to self-invest, read, listen and learn. I really came to realise the importance of this after my second child and when the recession hit…. I lost a lot of my contacts, plus social media took over all at once! So, I thought the most positive and empowering thing I could do is take my CIM Digital Marketing Diploma. This has paid huge dividends and helped me as a mum returning to work to re-find my confidence. I haven’t looked back since.

I am very active in the social media and marketing networking environment by attending key events that mix learning and speakers with networking. I also support and champion women in business and female start-ups. I’m very excited to be extending my experience and knowledge by delivering a new Start-Up Course which will see women who are either in or out of work, seriously looking to set up their own business but need the tools and guidance to put a strategy in place.

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