5 ways a digital audit will increase your social engagement and get you more clients

13 awesome steps busy agencies can take to rock their social media
April 6, 2019

Review, evaluate and measure the impact of your digital footprint!

When was the last time you or someone external had a good look at your online marketing objectively? In all honesty? Your website, your social media, your client e-communications..

Does my business need digital audit?

The best time to have a digital audit is when your company is when you are:

  • Creating a new website
  • About to rebrand
  • Writing your 2020 marketing strategy
  • Reporting to the board or investors

I‘m often asked, “How to do I generate more sales from my social media?” and I reply with a mini interrogation like…. 

….. “What are you doing currently on social? How effective is it? How do you measure success right now? Why do you feel you’re not getting the results you should? What time are you posting out your social? Who’s your key target audience and are they engaging?”

big breath….”What are your click-through rates? How is your social media messaging aligning with your overall marketing strategy? How does this all fit in together? How are you growing and nurturing your client database? What budget are you setting aside for growth ?… “

You see where I’m going with this, right? If you can’t answer the above questions, then it screams “In need of a digital audit!”…. a digital MOT, checking the spark plugs and efficiency of your digital activities to gain you more clients.

What is a digital audit?

A digital audit is an objective and holistic view of your online activity, statistics, results & ROI and this is presented back to you. An audit will investigate your:

  • Your social media analytics, audience profile, content value, engagement levels 
    • Twitter 
    • Instagram
    • Facebook (or whichever platforms you wish to be checked)
  • Linkedin company and key staff profiles
  • Website structure & content
  • Google Analytics – audience traction, views, audience profiling and online activity, bounce rates etc
  • E-newsletters, audience, click-through and open rates

The audit will look for patterns of behaviour, brand consistency, look and feel, tone of voice, mix of content, peaks and troughs of engagement and interaction.

5 ways a digital audit will get you more clients and increase your social engagement

Once the digital audit is complete, you receive an in-depth digital marketing report which will present you will get you more clients and increase your social engagement as a result:

  1. A clear analysis and understanding of each digital channel
    • The audit will identify the effectiveness of each platform
    • You will identify which are performing better than others
    • Analytics will clearly portray peaks and troughs during campaigns and day-to-day marketing distribution
    • As a team you will identify where your efforts and time are best spent
  2. Identify where your ideal clients reside
    • You will see which social platforms your ideal clients are hanging out 
    • You will see calculate where to focus your efforts on, in order to gain new contacts and start connecting
    • You will be able to explore key timings too, when is best to publish your social content or e-comms
    • From this you can create a focussed plan on where and when to schedule content and when to hang-out on these platforms
    • Use these identified platforms to BE SOCIAL during the key times
  3. Content and engagement trends
    • The audit will explore and identify which forms of content have been gaining more engagement, interest and click throughs 
    • You can then explore and experiment developing these forms of content moving forwards
    • Video content length and types will be analysed and you can evaluate what’s really floating your audience’s boat, key talks, added value, top tips etc. and how long they are willing to watch
    • The audit will present which e-newsletters are being opened, which have proved most popular
    • Again, timings, images, video and titles of e-newsletters are essential to learn from
  4. Business development planning
    • The audit will certainly raise some interesting discussions about content and client behaviour, but you must keep your business development planning in mind
    • You can adjust your content and brand awareness, but you need to see what will generate LEADS
    • You need to think about activities that will move your clients from social and online through to your CRM
    • You will need to consider the budget to move forwards
    • Power is in your hands once you have contacts and emails, you can then start to build rapports, nurture clients and close SALES!
    • Be careful, social media is not where people like to be SOLD to all the time! 
  5. Groundwork for your digital strategy
    • The audit will present all the findings and trends you need looking at your history 
    • This really is an investment so you can start PLANNING moving forwards
    • Based on evidence and research you can take your social engagement to another level
    • The power of knowledge means you can target your ideal clients, utilise focussed areas of social (i.e. with a Linkedin strategy)
    • My advice, is to ensure the basics and fundamentals are all in place first! The audit will present you with key essentials of priorities to attack first then you are ready to carry out your strategy

What next?

Importantly, as a result, the audit will bring together conclusive results based on facts. From these facts there will be a list of urgent and not-so urgent steps and recommendations. 

Together you will discuss these findings as a team, and assess your core skills to create a STRATEGY moving forwards. 

You need to consider; priorities and key objectives moving forwards and keep up the momentum now that you’ve made that investment. It’s a really exciting time, once you have all the facts in front of you, you can make a clear path forwards to leverage your online presence.

Digital MOT Passed…

Any queries about having your digital audit, I offer a 15 minute FREE Zoom call to discuss your requirements, do email me to arrange het@rackham.co.uk

Managing your social media in-house

Generally as business or agency owners, we spread the work out across the team. Which is fair enough, but this can lead to inconsistency. Essentially, who is in charge of monitoring your social and do you give them full responsibility of experimenting, trying new strategies – and then reporting back? Is it being taken seriously by the whole team? If not, read back to my article 13 awesome step busy agencies can take to rock their social media. Delegation is an art, and one that will seriously help with your overall strategy…

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