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Let’s get your social media presence in shape, step by step….

I know you’re snowed under with client briefs, projects and pitches… I’ve been working closely with agencies for 12 years and I fully appreciate the team effort and energy that is put into multi-tasking client work, winning new business and making the books balance.

However, you do need to be seen to be leading the way. Often your own social media gets put at the bottom of the list! Clients will be looking to you for example. By being strategically active and on a consistent basis, clients and new clients will soon be coming to you first. So, I have pulled together my recommended step-by-step process to get your agency’s social in place:

✅ 1. Firstly, get someone in the team or an external consultant to pull together a 6-12 month overview of all your online and digital analytics and presents this to key members of your agency. From these findings, you can decide where to focus your efforts on in the future, how this fits in with your agency objectives and what exciting changes need to be made.

✅ 2. Create a Social Group – mixed talents from your team, from admin to account executive, account director and senior team. Meet to go through the findings and as a result decide which key platforms you feel best feed to your potential and current clients and channel your energies towards them.

✅ 3. Appoint a key Social Manager, they will be responsible for content creation and keeping an eye on the chosen platforms. Make sure they create a weekly/ monthly social calendar, which must be signed off and endorsed. The key is to not let this slack and make it a priority, otherwise this person will not feel fully supported or appreciated.

If you’re stuck, Download my FREE Social Media Calendar to get you started.

✅ 4. Spread the work! I know, the team are super busy, so delegate responsibilities and spread the social love…. Appoint someone to create a monthly report – reviewing and tracking all platforms month by month. This is essential for team moral, for tracking and seeing where things can be tweaked and improved. 

✅ 5. Your Design Team need to be onboard for any required supporting assets – ensure they have at least 2 hours a month set aside in the design studio for this.

✅ 6. Social messages should be on brand, carry your tone of voice and relevant.

✅ 7. Set aside 1 hour a month to meet your Social Group. This will be time to review monthly analytics, see how the content creation is working out and to set your objectives for the coming month with your team.

✅ 8. Check latest industry news and feed this into your plan – your can use your social media management tool such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social to keep an eye on set industries or by following hashtags.

✅ 9. Follow your clients and endorse/ share/ congratulate their news 👌🏽 THIS is a winning strategy for maintaining good relations with clients. Whether your agency was involved or not, if you help celebrate clients’ wins, you’re a cheerleader for them and creates a good vibe all round.

✅ 10. Creating a twitter list strategy will keep you head of the game. Break your lists down to Clients, Events, Thought leaders, Influencers, Competitors. This makes the Social Manager’s job nice and efficient, by taking a quick look at your lists’ feeds, you can RT or comment really quickly. A 10 minute job for every morning perhaps.

✅ 11. Be consistent – you’ve heard it before! If you put your foot on the accelerator and drive interest and results, then slam the breaks on because you’re busy…. it just looks weird and very quickly competitors take your space.

✅ 12. Be supportive of your team. Whoever becomes responsible for these tasks in your agency will be feeling demotivated if those around them are not supporting them with content or ideas. Motivate others and express to the whole company what are you aiming to achieve through social and how it’s helming meet your overall objectives.

✅ 13. Treat YOURSELF as a CLIENT, this is so important I cannot express how much you need to take a step back and look at how your team are working together on this, is the content creator being given the support and assets required to make this work professionally?  

Put some love and attention into your own social presence ❤️

Work together as a team. Remember you’re in this industry as creative leaders, thought-leaders and producers of wonderfully innovative work.

Celebrate this, endorse others, make the most of team talent and make them accountable.

Follow these steps and you’ll soon be flying!

Always feel free to drop me a line if you are serious about reviewing your social presence or wanting to put a strategy in place.

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