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Andrew and Pete

To celebrate the fact that they’ve just been asked to speak at the global phenomenon that is Social Media Marketing World 2017 next year in San Diego,
I thought I’d grab a quick five minutes with two of the UK’s most inventive social media gurus and regular contributors to Social Media Examiner, Andrew and Pete.

Congrats on being asked to speak at SMMW 2017! Can you give us a sneak peek into what your hot topic will be?


Ooo yes but don’t tell anyone else ok? 😉 The official title is ‘How to Create Retweetable Content’ – which is basically all about a process we use with our clients to help them create content that is on brand and share-worthy. ‘Trust and Attention’ are the two biggest assets to businesses in this day and age, but because there is so much competition out there it’s hard to stand out.

Did you know there are over 2 million blog posts published every day? Social media timelines are even crazier, so to stand out in this ‘Content Crisis’, we all need to find our unique way of creating content that gets noticed, shared and consumed again and again. We call this your ‘Content Stamp’ and once you have figured this out, your audience will grow naturally and you will create super fans.

When you’re asked to speak at these events that are happening say 6 months away, is it hard to predict what will be the trend everyone will want to find out more about?

Andrew and PeteThere is definitely an element of that, which is why we try to keep ahead of the curve… but at the end of the day, the same principals apply to every platform. Keeping up with new features or platforms or new tools and strategies is always great but at the core, it’s still always about providing value and building relationships. In fact, one of the biggest problems we see all too often is business owners spreading their efforts too thinly by trying to be on all the platforms and feeling the need to jump on board with all the new ones. We want to challenge you to focus on the right platform for your audience and put 110% effort into growing your audience on there.


You’re both known for creating amazing content for social media. Can you tell me a bit about ‘ATOMIC’ and what it offers SMEs?

Oh thank you! 😀 Sure, ATOMIC is our membership site for the small but mighty business owner, because we believe they have so much potential! ATOMIC takes them through our 7 step process that shows small business owners and solopreneurs how to build a brand, create amazing share-worthy content that your audience loves AND convert all that into sales.

And best of all… it makes marketing your business fun and exciting again! There’s weekly masterclasses and there are session in there from amazing guests such as; Andrea Vahl, Kim Garst, John Lee Dumas and loads more. What we love the most though is the members – we have a members only group who are just the best, if anyone ever has a problem, everyone is there to help and support.


Andrew and Pete ATOMIC

What advice would you give a business setting out on a social media journey for the first time?
Good question, we would say our best advice would to be have a consistent time slot in your diary to create amazing content AND a consistent time slot to proactively engage with others. If it’s not in the diary as a priority then it will get put on the ‘I’ll do that later’ list – which never gets done! Consistent, great content plus engagement, leads to trust and super fans.

Andrew and Pete

What are your top 5 tips for businesses struggling to get any meaningful results from their social media strategy?

  1. Be proactive e. go find people and follow them first rather than sitting back, engage first rather than sitting back, and get to know others first rather than waiting to be engaged
  2. Focus on building solid relationships, in fact put in your diary every day to just simply talk to people – Twitter lists at great for being more strategic with this. Don’t simply use social as a blast out.
  3. Don’t be afraid of your face! People can’t fall in love with a logo, show your face, and get used to being on camera. It’s one of the reasons Snapchat has taken off so much. Twitter video replies are immensely powerful because it’s a real connection you’re making.
  4. Be more organized so that you can stay consistent.
  5. Make it easy for people to make that first step from social connection to potential lead. What do you have in place to convert them? A download, a free session with you? Sometimes you can be proactive with this too. If we’ve got to know somebody on social, and we know they would find great value in something we have going on, we simply ask them if they’re interested in a friendly way!

What’s your favourite social media platform that you use personally and why?

This is tough! For personal use, Snapchat is our favourite to use because it is fun and allows for so much creativity. For business though it’s Twitter, because it’s so open and you can reach out to anyone. It has helped us the most keep up with contacts, grow our audience, and reach out to influencers.

Regrettably, this is the end of my fun filled but educational interview here. What great advice, tips and hints from Andrew and Pete – follow these guys and learn from them! I do!

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