Discussing Market Research, Snapchat and Christmas Ads on The UK Brand Show

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The UK Brand Show, Radio

Penny Williams and Marcus Chrysostomo

Last week I was fortunate enough to be asked on to The UK Brand Show, a radio show every Wednesday 2-3pm focusing on marketing and PR. Hosts Marcus Chrysostomou and Penny Williams have launched this radio station off the Channel Radio Platform, the programme discusses all things creative truly representing professionals of the Marketing, Advertising and PR industry. I have to admit I was fairly nervous but I remembered something from my media training days – focus on 3 key points!

The UK Brand ShowPenny is the MD of Big Plan Group full service marketing agency and Marcus owns Equilibrium PR! So who better than these two people who are passionate about the industry and sharing knowledge, ideas and news to run such a fabulous new radio station!?  I arrived slightly early to check out the studio to find Marcus busy pulling together the music and plan, and very quickly we moved into the recording studio to commence our hour long interview! This seems like a long time, but actually once you get chatting and having fun with these guys time flies!

Firstly, we covered this year’s Christmas Adverts and touched upon Market research. The second part we discussed market research in more depth and I covered quite a few ideas for businesses from my blog 6 Market Research activities to define your 2017 Strategy.

The third main discussion we covered Snapchat and how brands, freelancers and business owners can utilise this platform for creating brand stories, brand loyalty, cross platform content and more. I also talked about some of my inspirations from SnapHappen, a Snapchat  event that certainly opened my eyes to the potential of Snapchat social media.

Here is a sneaky peek into my Snapchat discussion at The UK Brand Show!


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