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September 18, 2016
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Hetty Rackham Reports on SnapHappen 2016

Do you have Snapchat on your mobile device?  Or are you wondering maybe you should? Why are people using it? Isn’t it just for teens who are sending each other ‘inappropriate’ photos and messages?  That is SERIOUSLY old hat and if you’re still thinking like this, then you need to move with the times rapidly!

News – Major brands like Disney, Gucci, Air France, Microsoft, Lucas Films, Red Bull and many more are investing in this as an engaging, thrilling Marketing Tool – this grabs my attention as someone who works in marketing and in collaboration with agencies. I knew I had to attend SnapHappen even if I felt slightly just not cool enough and slightly out of my depth!


SnapHappen Founder and CMO

Late last week, Thursday 22nd September 2016 something unique occurred that is for sure – A gathering of social media gurus and cutting edge creatives portrayed how they are riding the wave of the social media app which rocks the world of story telling.  My congratulations go straight to Craig Fox, Virginia Salas K and team for pulling this event together – inspirational!



 Chris “Kubby” KubernnusHetty Rackham Freelance Marketing Consultant meets Chris Kubby Kubbernus

Firstly, before the major buzz of the event, Olivia Lawrence (PR) and I were lucky enough to meet with “Kubby” (Labled Mashable’s 15th most influential SnapChat Social Media Marketer) who just recently launched his new Vlog ‘Kubby Kronicles‘ for those who want insights to leading edge social media marketing agency life and receive top tips from himself!

We discussed work/ life balance, how to develop your brand, snapchat (of course), life in Copenhagen and who he is influenced by etc. What a top guy, thanks Kubby, plus SUPERB event talk delivered too!


The event took off with huge excitement, there was a serious buzz in the air,  A LOT of mobile phone and camera ‘action’ with people talking in to their phones, giving their ‘real time’ opinion on the event, who they have met with and reporting their day story!  Here’s my Snapchat story of the day:

Ha, so you get that I’m not the world’s best ‘Snapchatter’ …..yet! I also enjoyed catching up, discussing future of snapchat and the turn of events of the day with my colleague Dan Knowlton (Social Media Business 2016 at KITA). So, you can grasp that this is a tool that you can capture events, moments, write comments, use filters, add drawings, Bitmojis, emojis etc. 10″ snaps you may feel are limited – however it’s the limitations that in turn can force your creativity.

SnapHappen panel


Here are just some of the people who you need to look out for and were on the first ‘panel’: ShaunAyala EMGarber Georgio.Copter OperAmericano SalliaSnap – combing art with snaps is a powerful tool, the more creative you are the more engaging and likely you are to maintain followers and growth.



Leading Edge Journalism – Yusuf Omar IMG_3259

I didn’t quite know what to expect at this event, but Snapchat Journalism is not what I had in mind.

Listening to Yusuf was captivating, I enjoyed listening to him explaining his creative, cutting edge style of interviewing ladies who had been sexually abused for years.

Through the use of Snapchat he gained enough trust to empower them to report exclusively to his camera for 10″ shots. Through the use of face filters he managed to bring them the confidence to openly tell their story without disclosing their identity.

See how this hit BBC News this summer… sensational!

Mind blowing, Yusuf is currently teaching 750 students in Dehli how to use Snapchat as part of their journalistic development, setting them projects to film mini broadcasts which are then sent directly to him through Snapchat and he can instantly feedback to the students how to enhance their performance. He also sets projects where his students can create their own journalistic stories, by downloading and pulling together their Snapchat ‘stories’ they can enter them as part of their coursework. Another fantastic and innovative way of utilising this tool.

Snapchat art phenomenon – Geeohsnap

Geeohsnap Snapchat strategist with over 800,000 followers, amongst many key points he talked about how you can develop your own style and expression through art, he has cleverly created his own brand and spread his love of art cross media channels including Instagram. With his unique fun style he is employed by large corporates such as Air France to create engaging campaigns.

Marketing Speaker Carlos Gil discusses the power of Snapchat

Carlos is the global head of social media for BMC Software, he also served as Senior Social Marketing Manager for LinkedIn. His talk covered areas such as why he’s investing time in Snapchat due to the fact Teens today are not using Facebook, so focus on what they are using as the tool for today. Through to engaging and empowering employees by participating on Snapchat, you can set a fun task or competition by feeding in Snaps at work! You could utilise specifically designed Company Geofilters for creative input.

The day was perfect day, in so many ways (including a visit from Dynamo!). There were so many key players to mention but I will write another blog about who you should follow and why.  These were just some of my personal highlights in short.

What key points did I learn when it comes to Snapchat and using it in a commercial sense:

  • Always be yourself
  • Make your snaps intriguing, informative, relevant and timely
  • Adopt a creative attitude (the major successes may take a whole day to create a 2 minute snap through creative or artisitc design)
  • If you want a large brand to take on the strategy – employ an INFLUENCER to carry out your promotional story to boost exposure
  • Include a competition – engage with the audience, get them to participate by sending in creative snaps
  • Perfect tool for targeting 13-35’s
  • Create a story, as your viewers their opinion, give you direction which in turn gives them power and a reason to return
  • Consider using it in-house, get your staff involved, empower them with creativity too!
  • Utilise Geofilters

There were so many speakers who were inspiring, I’d love to cover more.  Julius Dien was someone else who covered a ‘Share for Share’ strategy to optimise your video reach, I’m hoping to write a separate blog on this subject! Watch this space…

Hetty Rackham Snapchat code


Please feel free to Add me, Freelance Marketing Consultant and mum; I give time saving tips, marketing ideas, event information and insights – it’s fun! Oh… there are rumours of New York next…. it’s #SnapHappening !  Feel free to make comments or get in touch if you have any questions!


Also, if you feel I could improve on anything with my blog style – I’m always open to comments… just email me 









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  1. Chris Kubby says:

    Great wrap up. It was such a great day and it was so nice to meet you, Dan and Olivia. I hope to see you again soon.

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