Making the most of your 140 characters on Twitter from Today!

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Today is a good day for Twitter users!  Have you been feeling slightly infuriated by the cramming of content on your conversations?  It certainly concentrates the mind for sure, and is actually great messaging practice.  Well, from today you can enjoy a little more freedom and as Twitter announced there are new exemptions in place.

Twitter is encouraging us to expand our creative expression with video, photos, polls, Periscope ( and now ipad or imessage features) , fun expressive Gifs and now this can be broader than before. This was announced and confirmed 5 days ago through the likes of @Socialmedia2day and The Verge

Here are the basics of the new changes:

* @names are no longer to be counted in replies

* Media attachments will no longer count against your 140 character limit (YEY!)

* You’ll now be able to re-tweet yourself 😉 

* Tweets that begin with an @name will be seen by all your followers

Twitter’ s 3 top tips for making the most of your 140 characters are:

Hetty Rackham Twitter Home pageI do hope you’ll enjoy the new exemptions and make the most of all the features on Twitter – why don’t you tweet me and let me know your thoughts!  Have a fantastic day!






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