5 steps that will convert your Facebook Post Boost likes into Page Likes!

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Are you fed up with pouring your budget into Facebook Post Boosts and then not seeing your actual Page Likes increasing?

If so, then here is a very simple, organic and yet effective strategy that is quick and easy! I discovered this facility on just the other week whilst looking at a client account and then I was on Snapchat yesterday to see it re-affirmed by Social Media expert Chris Kubbernus 

So often I hear people talking about how their Facebook strategy doesn’t work, this could be for a number of reasons.. so firstly and briefly are some quick tips for you.

Top tips to grow your Business Page:

  • Regular posting (at least 3 x a week)
  • Create relevant, engaging and fun content (25% should only be sales talk)
  • Time-bound – check your insights to see when people are logging on
  • Know your audience, what makes them tick, ASK your audience what they want to hear from you
  • Alternate your content type; news, blogs, video, reference to articles etc.
  • Combine Facebook post boosting and Page Like advertising over a period of time – see what works best for you!

How convert your Facebook Post Boost Likes to Page Likes:

So, moving on swiftly, if post boosting is part of your strategy then check out my easy and quick guide that will make you say… “Ahhhhhh Hooray!!”  Check out my FREE Snapchat video guide:

  1. Go on to your Facebook Business home page and scroll down to your boosted post
  2. Click on your ‘Likes’
  3. Click on that so it opens your Likes into a little window listing out your likes
  4. You will see some already Like your page but those who don’t you CAN INVITE!
  5. Invite them!

ADDED BONUS #TopTip If someone makes a comment that is inappropriate or offensive, here is a place where you can ban that person!  Just click on the little icon on the right of their name in this pop up window and the drop down say ‘Ban from Page’:Facebook ban from page


It doesn’t get simpler than that does it?  Now you won’t feel like you’ve wasted Facebook boosting budget or your time and efforts. You can really drill down on your Facebook Targeting with confidence and know you can grow your Facebook Business Page ORGANICALLY on top of your post boosting.

If you have any further questions of something to add here please do so in my comments box below, I’m always happy to hear back and opinions are greatly valued! Hopefully this all adds value to your Social Media Managment

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