SEO Copy

There is a knack to writing online SEO content, it can be time-consuming and worth carrying out an online competitive analysis too before you progress.Planning out each page, using keywords in a conversational and reflective manor is key to success.  Your Meta-phrasing and Meta-tags need to be consistent and help you stand out in Google ranking.

“Thank you for the competitive analysis and market research you undertook on my behalf into website content and design, it was a really powerful eye opener for me – whilst I could have looked at sites myself, by using non industry “eyes” you were able to present back in a different way and open my eyes as to how dull my industry web sites are!

This enabled us to build something more dynamic and client centric – rather than what we think people want to hear.  Since, we have had more enquiries via our website in the past 4 months than in previous years!”

Jayne Wildish | Director