How to Smash it on Twitter – Part 2

How to Smash it on Twitter – Part 2

How to Smash it on Twitter – Part 2

Welcome back!  I’m really pleased that Part 1 was so well received and of real practical help, thank you to those who shared my post.  Part 1 explored setting up your Twitter header and profile, ensuring your profile is then linked to your website (think sales!).  And in turn making sure your website is Google Analytically aligned so you can measure your social media ROI.

Now I would like to help progress your social strategy by focussing on developing your Twitter account and creating an active and engaging audience.

If you’re currently feeling like an angry bird, feeling frustrated and wasting your energy, then keep these stats in mind:

  • There are some 320M active monthly users worldwide

  • In 2014 there were some 20M Fake users according to Jeff Bulas

  • At the beginning of November 2015 Twitter recently did a large clear out of Fake users in case you noticed a drop in followers!

  • 80% of users are connecting via their mobile devices

 Growing your Twitter audience

Growing your Twitter audience takes time and patience, you need to build your social branding, client trust and social influence.  You can start to do this by taking part in your industry ‘discussions’ online, start by searching your interest with a # in the search area.

Become involved with your local community by connecting with people and companies you want to engage with, making them aware you are active on Twitter.

In Kent and many other regions there are allocated Twitter chat times like #KentHourTuesdays at 8.30pm – why not get involved?  Chat to other businesses who have something to say about local events or happenings.

Start identifying businesses you want to hear about and from – start following them.  Check out their Twitter content, maybe like, reply or RT a few of their recent tweets showing you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

One method of growth is to identify some key competitors and start following a handful of their followers each week (no more than 20).  You will find that as your area of business is of interest them, a percentage will start following you in return.

It is advisable to check on Twitter 2-3 times a day, see what is the latest news from your industry and RT some messages with a comment showing your opinion on this.  There is so much content and information out there, enjoy that and use it….

If you have a Word Press website or Blog it gives you the opportunity to click an automated message to your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account, and allows you to adapt the suggested message!  Saves you a little job doing it manually!

When you meet new business contacts ensure you follow them and commence your relationship i.e. @HettyRackham It was great meeting you today @EVENT hope to meet you again soon #SocialMedia #KentDigital

 Engaging with your Twitter audience and increasing your visibility

  •  Start by broadcasting key messages regularly (at least 4 key messages a week)
  • Bring your story to life by attaching pictures or video to your messages – this increases engagement SIGNIFICANTLY

  • Ensure your messages are NOT all sales, sales, sales only 25% of your messaging should be about you and your service (or product)

  • The other 75% should be about latest industry news, top tips, local stories etc. this way you become interesting to others and more of a social influencer!

  • Ensure your messaging is regular as this social platform is BUSY, don’t feel afraid to re-use and re-word your messages and alternate your #!

  • It is advisable to schedule your key messages 4-6 times a day as standard

There is so much to share, and you are best to experiment with your account, why not start by using these tips to start with and you will soon discover that over time you will gain confidence and knowledge of works best for your account.  If you like what I have shared here, please do link to this blog from your website – that’d make my day!

I aim to create more posts, including Key Twitter Times and Twitter Etiquette – Why don’t you tell me on the feedback form what you’d most like to hear about?!  Or if you have specific enquiries about your account, or are interested in some social media training please email me

 Thanks for reading!

How to smash it on Twitter – Part 1 Getting started….

How to smash it on Twitter – Part 1 Getting started….

How to smash it on Twitter – Part 1 Getting started….

Have you had your twitter account for a while now? Or maybe you’re new to Twitter all together – either way there’s no time like the present to get this under your belt.  There are some really easy ways to nurture your account and soon you’ll be flying (tweet tweet)!  If you practise some of my Twitter Tips here to get you started and then there will be more to come in Part 2!

1) Get your Twitter Profile & Header images correct 

 Profile picture:

400px by 400px. If you upload an image that isn’t a square, you’re given the option to reposition or zoom in when you upload.  This picture remains constant for all your Tweets and RT’s, so ensure you are happy with your profile or logo image – everyone will associate this with all your messages….

Profile Header:

1500px by 500px. You can create your own headers through useful websites such as Canva, this way you can personalise your header as you wish – don’t forget your Profile picture takes up a large amount of the bottom left hand corner so don’t have anything important in this space.

2) Nail your Twitter Profile

This is your chance on Twitter to sell yourself as an employee/ business owner in a small yet powerful way – there are 160 characters of space!  Nail it, summarise you, your interests and use Keywords! Twitter is a search tool – so #Hashtag some of your keywords eg #SEO #Copywriting if this is your line of work. This will stand out as what you most want people to know you for.  You might also want to throw in your personal interests – you are human after all!  Check out some top tips for a Killer Profile.

 3) Detail

Be sure to put where you are doing business under location and add your WEBSITE!  It’s so important… drive traffic back to your business!

4) Ensure your website is Google Analytically Aligned!

As just one simple part of your digital strategy, you should be tracking your ROI via Google Analytics.  This way you can see traffic flow to your site – are your social media activities proving successful – is it driving traffic to the pages you want it to? You can drive the analytics down to digital profiling – your segmentation. GA gives you indepth insights of who your customers and potential customes are (age, sex, residency and much more).

 OK, so we’re just getting warmed up with a few essential key steps in place and my next blog will explore a lot more about your Twitter strategy!  Until then, just keep some of these facts in mind:

  • Twitter is inundated with 58m Tweets per day just in the UK

  • There are some 320M active monthly users worldwide

  • In 2014 there were some 20M Fake users according to Jeff Bulas

  • At the beginning of November Twitter recently did a large clear out of Fake users in case you noticed a drop in followers!

  • 80% of users are connecting via their mobile devices

 Twitter Blog Part 2 I will be giving you tips on:

  • Growing your Twitter audience

  • Best times of the day to Tweet

  • Why use Hashtag

  • Twitter etiquette

    • and more…

Hetty Rackham – Freelance Marketing Consultant based in Kent, UK

Hetty Rackham – Freelance Marketing Consultant based in Kent, UK

Hetty Rackham – Freelance Marketing Consultant based in Kent, UK

Welcome to my Rackham Marketing WordPress Blog!  I hope you enjoy the posts I make here, I will aim to make it informative, marketing news-worthy, inspiring and practical…  I like to have fun with my work online and I hope you will too.

Most of my consultancy work is driven by long-term relations I have with Agencies and Clients and I am proud of that.  I’ve been working as a Freelance Marketing Consultant for 8 years in Kent.  My background stems from a mix of marketing agency, client-side and now consultancy work – in total I have 20 years of dedicated marketing experience.

I have a passion and a natural interest in truly seeing great changes and ROI for your business; your success is my success.  SEO, content marketing, social media management and marketing strategy are my favourite marketing specialist areas to focus on.


 If you see huge improvements for your brand over a period of time through my bespoke marketing guidance and strategic approach, then I have achieved my goal.

My key marketing offerings are; Marketing Strategy, Market Research and Competitive Analysis, but I also do everyday jobs like copywriting, brand guidance and combine this with my digital marketing skills – I offer a 360 degree marketing consultancy both off and online.

My Philosophy and values:

Personal – Honest, positive, creative

Professional – Ambitious, analytical, critical, practical, realistic and down to earth

If you’d like to discover more about my Rackham Marketing Services check out my website,Twitter, Linkedin or Google+

You may also discover my underlying passion for Home Grown allotment-eering along the paths of my social media output with My Eathy Food!

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Apparently good things come in small packages – 10 key benefits of using a Freelancer….

Apparently good things come in small packages – 10 key benefits of using a Freelancer….

Apparently good things come in small packages – 10 key benefits of using a Freelancer….

You may have a marketing requirement that could do with a fresh pair of eyes, a personal and objective view point to your business…

Are you considering using a freelancer to consider and evaluate your business or marketing objectives?  There are many agencies out there, in all shapes and sizes, delivering many specialisms such as PR, SEO or Web Design, but sometimes you can’t beat a bespoke service.

So may be a more 1-1 approach to your business requirement is exactly what you’re after!  You may be reading this because you have already done your research and have decided that using a freelancer is the best fit for you and your business.

If you have not already realised what some of the major business benefits are then here are a few advantages worth considering:

  1. Value for money – you are only charged the time that is taken and no more
  2. Lower running costs as a sole trader overheads are minimal and therefore are not passed onto you
  3. Personalised and bespoke view point to your business and marketing plan
  4. Objective and discreet freelancers pride themselves on integrity and honesty
  5. A quick start and turn-around– a consultant freelancer manages their time by only taking on a few projects at once
  6. Flexible and hard working – most freelancers are doing this to suit their personal lifestyles and will often go over and above what is expected of them
  7. Hugely responsive, having an open and honest relationship means you can be in touch at most times and the freelancer will get back to you ASAP
  8. Clearer Understandingof your goals and requirements means less margin for error due to the closer client-relationship
  9. No holiday or sick pay – Freelancers just charge for the work that has been carried out
  10. As little or as much as you want, you set the goals and budget!

There are many reasons and benefits to using a freelancer, you can find your local person by researching on Google, Linkedin or specialist websites like Freelancer and E-lance.

Which site you visit may well depend on whether you are looking for a local person or happy to manage a more distant online working relationship.

If you are a Kent-Based firm looking for a local marketing consultant please do get in touch with me, Hetty Rackham – I’ll visit for a 1 hour FREE consultancy chat…!