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Why Market Research is Essential to Your Business

Why Market Research is Essential to Your Business

Would you love to get inside the head of your customers and work out what they are going to want to buy from you next?

Chances are, you would! Who wouldn’t want to know what your customers really want from you, what they really like, when they want to hear from you and what products or services they really want next?  Think SALES and get inside their heads!  

If you’re nodding your head right now but thinking that would be an impossible dream to realise, then fear not; what you need is Market Research.

Here are our 5 benefits of doing Market Research:

5 Benefits of doing market research

Market Research is an effective and essential tool for business planning, gathering information about customers’ thought process and understanding their buying decisions. If you get inside the mind set and know their likes and dislikes it will empower you with knowledge and ensure you are providing optimum customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales. Market Research will also give you the competitive edge, allowing you to monitor and keep an eye on market trends.

Here are some of the questions that Market Research can answer…

  • What influences my target market’s buying behaviour?
  • What is my market share and how can I increase it?
  • How are market trends impacting my business?
  • How can I attract new customers?
  • How can I retain current customers?
  • How does customer satisfaction with my products/services measure up to that of the competition?
  • How will my existing customers respond to a new product/service?
  • How often should I be contacting my customers?
  • Are my gut instincts right about my next marketing moves?

Market research uses some of the following methods to gather information:

  • face-to-face interviews
  • focus groups
  • online and telephone questionnaires/ interviews
  • Product testing 1-1 interviews
  • Focus Groups

Information collected through these methods can be quantitative or qualitative.

Quantitative information is based on statistics and can be used to gain objective views from a large sample. This is ideal if you have a good, clean database and want quick results.

Qualitative information measures the views and attitudes of a particular smaller sample. This is useful if you want to understand perceptions of your brand, why people buy your products and how they respond to your marketing.


So where do you start? First thing would be to decide on your objectives and your focus and then speak to a market research specialist. You’ll soon be on your way to getting inside the heads of your customers!

Look out for our next blog: How to write a Market Research brief.

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The Duo Shaking Up Social Media – Andrew and Pete

The Duo Shaking Up Social Media – Andrew and Pete

To celebrate the fact that they’ve just been asked to speak at the global phenomenon that is Social Media Marketing World 2017 next year in San Diego,
I thought I’d grab a quick five minutes with two of the UK’s most inventive social media gurus and regular contributors to Social Media Examiner, Andrew and Pete.

Congrats on being asked to speak at SMMW 2017! Can you give us a sneak peek into what your hot topic will be?


Ooo yes but don’t tell anyone else ok? 😉 The official title is ‘How to Create Retweetable Content’ – which is basically all about a process we use with our clients to help them create content that is on brand and share-worthy. ‘Trust and Attention’ are the two biggest assets to businesses in this day and age, but because there is so much competition out there it’s hard to stand out.

Did you know there are over 2 million blog posts published every day? Social media timelines are even crazier, so to stand out in this ‘Content Crisis’, we all need to find our unique way of creating content that gets noticed, shared and consumed again and again. We call this your ‘Content Stamp’ and once you have figured this out, your audience will grow naturally and you will create super fans.

When you’re asked to speak at these events that are happening say 6 months away, is it hard to predict what will be the trend everyone will want to find out more about?

Andrew and PeteThere is definitely an element of that, which is why we try to keep ahead of the curve… but at the end of the day, the same principals apply to every platform. Keeping up with new features or platforms or new tools and strategies is always great but at the core, it’s still always about providing value and building relationships. In fact, one of the biggest problems we see all too often is business owners spreading their efforts too thinly by trying to be on all the platforms and feeling the need to jump on board with all the new ones. We want to challenge you to focus on the right platform for your audience and put 110% effort into growing your audience on there.


You’re both known for creating amazing content for social media. Can you tell me a bit about ‘ATOMIC’ and what it offers SMEs?

Oh thank you! 😀 Sure, ATOMIC is our membership site for the small but mighty business owner, because we believe they have so much potential! ATOMIC takes them through our 7 step process that shows small business owners and solopreneurs how to build a brand, create amazing share-worthy content that your audience loves AND convert all that into sales.

And best of all… it makes marketing your business fun and exciting again! There’s weekly masterclasses and there are session in there from amazing guests such as; Andrea Vahl, Kim Garst, John Lee Dumas and loads more. What we love the most though is the members – we have a members only group who are just the best, if anyone ever has a problem, everyone is there to help and support.


Andrew and Pete ATOMIC

What advice would you give a business setting out on a social media journey for the first time?
Good question, we would say our best advice would to be have a consistent time slot in your diary to create amazing content AND a consistent time slot to proactively engage with others. If it’s not in the diary as a priority then it will get put on the ‘I’ll do that later’ list – which never gets done! Consistent, great content plus engagement, leads to trust and super fans.

Andrew and Pete

What are your top 5 tips for businesses struggling to get any meaningful results from their social media strategy?

  1. Be proactive e. go find people and follow them first rather than sitting back, engage first rather than sitting back, and get to know others first rather than waiting to be engaged
  2. Focus on building solid relationships, in fact put in your diary every day to just simply talk to people – Twitter lists at great for being more strategic with this. Don’t simply use social as a blast out.
  3. Don’t be afraid of your face! People can’t fall in love with a logo, show your face, and get used to being on camera. It’s one of the reasons Snapchat has taken off so much. Twitter video replies are immensely powerful because it’s a real connection you’re making.
  4. Be more organized so that you can stay consistent.
  5. Make it easy for people to make that first step from social connection to potential lead. What do you have in place to convert them? A download, a free session with you? Sometimes you can be proactive with this too. If we’ve got to know somebody on social, and we know they would find great value in something we have going on, we simply ask them if they’re interested in a friendly way!

What’s your favourite social media platform that you use personally and why?

This is tough! For personal use, Snapchat is our favourite to use because it is fun and allows for so much creativity. For business though it’s Twitter, because it’s so open and you can reach out to anyone. It has helped us the most keep up with contacts, grow our audience, and reach out to influencers.

Regrettably, this is the end of my fun filled but educational interview here. What great advice, tips and hints from Andrew and Pete – follow these guys and learn from them! I do!

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Growth, entrepreneurialism and diversification in the face of Brexit

Growth, entrepreneurialism and diversification in the face of Brexit

I consider myself extremely privileged to be working with some very exciting companies and marketing agencies in Kent. Having seen through economic highs and lows over the years, I am totally fascinated and in awe whilst watching bold moves carried out by ’Zest The Agency’ which has literally doubled in size in the past year – plus carried out a full agency re-brand!

Zest’s Managing Director Belinda Collins, took time out to explain to me how the business is managing growth, taking on entrepreneurs, forging strong alliances and partnerships resulting in a diverse and strong team of creatives.

Belinda Collins MD Zest the AgencyExplain the strategy behind your rapid growth?

Zest’s focus on growth remains undeterred by the recent political European referendum. Of course, we are mindful of the uncertainty that lies ahead, but at the same time, we feel that it is incredibly important for a traditional marketing business like Zest, to expand its offering across a truly integrated and holistic set of services. This allows us to offer services either in isolation or in combination to meet clients’ ever changing requirements, budget and scope.

Tell us about your diversification and how you have adopted entrepreneurialism to enhance this

We are an income based agency, specialising across five different core disciplines – strategy, media, creative, digital and PR. It is of utmost importance that within each service strand, our offering is robust both vertically and horizontally. Hence why we keep our digital options CMS neutral and we make it our business to become experts on all e-commerce; PPC, SEO, SEM etc. and develop cutting edge innovations around the development, gaming and AR stages. Similarly, with PR, we don’t just develop a ‘normal’ PR offering – we have created a commercial / entrepreneurial minded team who examine those areas of specialisation and hone in on the details including crisis management; hence giving a total PR solution. The need to segment our clients’ audiences from today’s ‘Generation Z’ to all the way back to ‘traditionalists’ is essential.

We recently employed Duncan Larcombe, former Royal correspondent and Defence Editor for The Sun. This move broadens our specialisms to crisis communications, reputation management, personal brand promotions and media training. He has huge aspirations of forging relations with South East and London-based journalists. We don’t just want to be using journalists we want to create a leading edge space where news stories and latest practices can be shared. Watch this space!

We have recently forged an exclusive partnership with Ben Towers, “No 1 Times Super Teen Power” and recognised as “one of the UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs” by Richard Branson. Ben’s innovative skills will be used to help reach and influence the behaviours of consumers – particularly young people – and create and build advocacy in Zest’s client brands. He will also work with the team training clients in how to manage, engage and deal with crisis situations across social media channels.

This has been an exciting year for you personally, what were your immediate ambitions for Zest?

Having taken over the role behind the scenes in January 2016 (before taking up the full permanent role in June 2016), I immediately looked at the structure and the breadth of the agency. Nearly a year on and we’ve doubled in size; through strategic alliances, partnerships and physical recruitment growth within the team. Of course, we have seen a slight increase in expenditure, but then we were operating purely just a small team of marketing strategists. We are now able to boost the PR and digital teams and grow with creative talent both from Kent and out of London. Alongside this we have raw talent straight out of university and are committed to internships and gap year students of which we find invaluable.

So, how was Zest affected by the Brexit vote? 

Many of the companies we pitch to rely on some form of European funding. In the aftermath of the announcement, there were at least 2 proposals pending that were put on “permanent hold”. We were further affected by the uncertainly of the UK Prime Minister which thankfully was resolved very quickly. The current PM’s silence on the subject hasn’t helped industry confidence.

What has been abundantly clear is that our clients whose business stretches into Europe and further afield have not been as affected by confidence, as those smaller businesses with no European connections currently sitting and awaiting to feel their fate.

How will you position yourselves strategically 2017?

Business for us has remained stable. I believe this is because we are close enough to our clients that we have been able to help them strategically. We have been through recessions before but research shows that those clients who continue to spend (albeit at a reduced level) do remain buoyant and have stolen the march on their competitors. Immediately after the last recession we experienced a lot of our customers had arrived at the other end of the recession with complete confusion over their client and customer base. They had lost touch with their primary audiences as any customer was a good customer and we were able to help a number of our clients to crystallise their point of difference and re-identify their customer types through a number of research methods including personification profiling and segmentation.

What is your mantra Belinda?

“Attract, secure and keep the best talent. Be constantly mindful of your customers’ challenges and adapt the way you deliver your services to help your customers meet these challenges.”

The End

If you have an exciting business making rapid changes and exciting marketing moves, would you like to be interviewed by me? Let me know feel free to visit Rackham Marketing & Communications for more details.


Discussing Market Research, Snapchat and Christmas Ads on The UK Brand Show

Discussing Market Research, Snapchat and Christmas Ads on The UK Brand Show

Last week I was fortunate enough to be asked on to The UK Brand Show, a radio show every Wednesday 2-3pm focusing on marketing and PR. Hosts Marcus Chrysostomou and Penny Williams have launched this radio station off the Channel Radio Platform, the programme discusses all things creative truly representing professionals of the Marketing, Advertising and PR industry. I have to admit I was fairly nervous but I remembered something from my media training days – focus on 3 key points!

The UK Brand ShowPenny is the MD of Big Plan Group full service marketing agency and Marcus owns Equilibrium PR! So who better than these two people who are passionate about the industry and sharing knowledge, ideas and news to run such a fabulous new radio station!?  I arrived slightly early to check out the studio to find Marcus busy pulling together the music and plan, and very quickly we moved into the recording studio to commence our hour long interview! This seems like a long time, but actually once you get chatting and having fun with these guys time flies!

Firstly, we covered this year’s Christmas Adverts and touched upon Market research. The second part we discussed market research in more depth and I covered quite a few ideas for businesses from my blog 6 Market Research activities to define your 2017 Strategy.

The third main discussion we covered Snapchat and how brands, freelancers and business owners can utilise this platform for creating brand stories, brand loyalty, cross platform content and more. I also talked about some of my inspirations from SnapHappen, a Snapchat  event that certainly opened my eyes to the potential of Snapchat social media.

Here is a sneaky peek into my Snapchat discussion at The UK Brand Show!


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6 Market Research activities that will define your 2017 Strategy

6 Market Research activities that will define your 2017 Strategy

This week Marks and Spencer’s announced a down turn with pre-tax profit dropping  88% to £25.1m, from £216m in the same period a year ago. In response to this they have made a fast and furious safe-keeping decision to close 30 stores and open 120 Simply Food stores.

Steve Rowe M&S CEO

The retailer’s new chief executive, Steve Rowe, said more than 100 UK stores were in the firing line as part of a wider shakeup designed to end a long-running slump in clothing sales and devote more space to its more successful food business. He outlined plans to open 200 new Simply Food outlets.

Source Guardian Online

Why Market Research is key during uncertain times

Because financials and statistics aside, M&S will have carried out market research to really understand what their customers think and feel. They have made huge executive decisions ensuring they bring back up their profits long term in uncertain times.

Luke Quilter
Luke Quilter Sleeping Giant Media

In September I attended one of Sleeping Giant’s Talks (if you haven’t attended one yet then you MUST give it a go) at Westminster “Digital Marketing Post-Brexit, How to thrive in a Changing World.” This talk was hosted only 3 months post-referendum and Luke Quilter from Sleeping Giant said “this is the hardest talk I’ve had to host and deliver” as it was so soon and we’d hoped things would be clearer.

However, amongst many useful snippets, an important lesson I did take away with me that day was that during these uncertain times we MUST really understand our strengths and weaknesses and equally important we need to know what our customers feel about our brand and service or product. This can be done through market research, in response to conclusive insights, we should REFINE and refine again and be bold with our tweaks and adjustments in terms of our marketing and business strategies.

How can you shape your business offering through Market Research?

Inspired by these events I have created some quick, easy, useful and actionable top Market Research activities that will help you explore and thus providing you with conclusions and insights to your business offering. Findings that will equip you with the safe knowledge that you really understand your customers and you are offering exactly what they love about your company.

6 Market Research activities to define our 2017 strategy

Qualitative Market Research

  1. 1 to 1 Interviews – when was the last time you actually spoke or listened to your customers directly?
    1. Hold your interviews somewhere quiet, maybe record your interviewee (with permission) so you have a record of what was said and how it was said.
    2. Try to structure your interviews around 5 key points i.e. your customer service, product/ service, your website performance, communications and how you can improve.
  2. Focus Groups – a great way to get a snapshot of opinions
    1. Hold the focus group somewhere off site or on neutral territory
    2. Groups of 5-10 are ideal
    3. This needs be a very controlled environment, stick to your plan of what you want to achieve and remain on time – you might need one or two people to assist you
    4. Have something physical for the group to look at, consider and feedback on e.g. examples of your product or marketing materials, proposed branding or new packaging, your website so they can look and feedback instantly and honestly
  3. Product Testing – putting your products directly in the hands of key customers will give your invaluable insights
    1. Again, this is best done in small groups so you can gain and record feedback
    2. Give them products you have created, future designs and competitors – giving you a good cross range of feedback

Quantitative Market Research

  1. Online Questionnaire – giving you a huge amount of valuable data for FREE
    1. Use online tools such as Survey Monkey, you can create a questionnaire of up to 10 questions, you can vary your question type from multiple answers to Dropdowns and add a comments box
    2. Social Media have their own platforms, again these are FREE! Twitter Polls, Facebook Polls and why not put some questions out to your business peers through Linkedin Direct Messaging?
  2. Phone interviews – taking the time to call your customers and get their honest direct feedback will provide fantastic soundbites about your customer service
    1. Simply create a questionnaire (why not base it on your online questionnaire)
    2. Phone interviews give you a chance to take down more than quantitative measures it’s also an opportunity to delve a little deeper and get to know a little anecdotal feedback which you can record
  3. Analytics – Your website and social media provide vital analytics resources for free!
    1. Google Analytics
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. Linkedin
    5. And many more of your social media including scheduling services like Hootsuite who send you analytics as part of their service

By employing a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods, you will gain a broader picture and you will gain anecdotal stories giving a more human element to your analytics. Using M&S as a leading example, whose Chief Executive Steve Rowe said this is the “beginning of the beginning”, he understands he has to make dramatic change to see through tougher times ahead.

Always think – acquisition, conversions and retention and apply your research insights to each aspect of your customer journey!

Have you already sought customer knowledge in the face of Brexit? If so which market research methods did you carry out?  I hope you find this useful and perhaps try just some of these research methods that will seriously equip with you REAL outcomes and help your 2017 strategy.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to make comments in the comments box or email me if you have enquiries  If you’d like to learn more about our new Market Research brand OH! Market Research please click here.



SnapHappen Showcased the cutting edge and future of SnapChat

SnapHappen Showcased the cutting edge and future of SnapChat

Do you have Snapchat on your mobile device?  Or are you wondering maybe you should? Why are people using it? Isn’t it just for teens who are sending each other ‘inappropriate’ photos and messages?  That is SERIOUSLY old hat and if you’re still thinking like this, then you need to move with the times rapidly!

News – Major brands like Disney, Gucci, Air France, Microsoft, Lucas Films, Red Bull and many more are investing in this as an engaging, thrilling Marketing Tool – this grabs my attention as someone who works in marketing and in collaboration with agencies. I knew I had to attend SnapHappen even if I felt slightly just not cool enough and slightly out of my depth!

SnapHappen Founder and CMO

Late last week, Thursday 22nd September 2016 something unique occurred that is for sure – A gathering of social media gurus and cutting edge creatives portrayed how they are riding the wave of the social media app which rocks the world of story telling.  My congratulations go straight to Craig Fox, Virginia Salas K and team for pulling this event together – inspirational!



 Chris “Kubby” KubernnusHetty Rackham Freelance Marketing Consultant meets Chris Kubby Kubbernus

Firstly, before the major buzz of the event, Olivia Lawrence (PR) and I were lucky enough to meet with “Kubby” (Labled Mashable’s 15th most influential SnapChat Social Media Marketer) who just recently launched his new Vlog ‘Kubby Kronicles‘ for those who want insights to leading edge social media marketing agency life and receive top tips from himself!

We discussed work/ life balance, how to develop your brand, snapchat (of course), life in Copenhagen and who he is influenced by etc. What a top guy, thanks Kubby, plus SUPERB event talk delivered too!


The event took off with huge excitement, there was a serious buzz in the air,  A LOT of mobile phone and camera ‘action’ with people talking in to their phones, giving their ‘real time’ opinion on the event, who they have met with and reporting their day story!  Here’s my Snapchat story of the day:

Ha, so you get that I’m not the world’s best ‘Snapchatter’ …..yet! I also enjoyed catching up, discussing future of snapchat and the turn of events of the day with my colleague Dan Knowlton (Social Media Business 2016 at KITA). So, you can grasp that this is a tool that you can capture events, moments, write comments, use filters, add drawings, Bitmojis, emojis etc. 10″ snaps you may feel are limited – however it’s the limitations that in turn can force your creativity.

SnapHappen panel


Here are just some of the people who you need to look out for and were on the first ‘panel’: ShaunAyala EMGarber Georgio.Copter OperAmericano SalliaSnap – combing art with snaps is a powerful tool, the more creative you are the more engaging and likely you are to maintain followers and growth.



Leading Edge Journalism – Yusuf Omar IMG_3259

I didn’t quite know what to expect at this event, but Snapchat Journalism is not what I had in mind.

Listening to Yusuf was captivating, I enjoyed listening to him explaining his creative, cutting edge style of interviewing ladies who had been sexually abused for years.

Through the use of Snapchat he gained enough trust to empower them to report exclusively to his camera for 10″ shots. Through the use of face filters he managed to bring them the confidence to openly tell their story without disclosing their identity.

See how this hit BBC News this summer… sensational!

Mind blowing, Yusuf is currently teaching 750 students in Dehli how to use Snapchat as part of their journalistic development, setting them projects to film mini broadcasts which are then sent directly to him through Snapchat and he can instantly feedback to the students how to enhance their performance. He also sets projects where his students can create their own journalistic stories, by downloading and pulling together their Snapchat ‘stories’ they can enter them as part of their coursework. Another fantastic and innovative way of utilising this tool.

Snapchat art phenomenon – Geeohsnap

Geeohsnap Snapchat strategist with over 800,000 followers, amongst many key points he talked about how you can develop your own style and expression through art, he has cleverly created his own brand and spread his love of art cross media channels including Instagram. With his unique fun style he is employed by large corporates such as Air France to create engaging campaigns.

Marketing Speaker Carlos Gil discusses the power of Snapchat

Carlos is the global head of social media for BMC Software, he also served as Senior Social Marketing Manager for LinkedIn. His talk covered areas such as why he’s investing time in Snapchat due to the fact Teens today are not using Facebook, so focus on what they are using as the tool for today. Through to engaging and empowering employees by participating on Snapchat, you can set a fun task or competition by feeding in Snaps at work! You could utilise specifically designed Company Geofilters for creative input.

The day was perfect day, in so many ways (including a visit from Dynamo!). There were so many key players to mention but I will write another blog about who you should follow and why.  These were just some of my personal highlights in short.

What key points did I learn when it comes to Snapchat and using it in a commercial sense:

  • Always be yourself
  • Make your snaps intriguing, informative, relevant and timely
  • Adopt a creative attitude (the major successes may take a whole day to create a 2 minute snap through creative or artisitc design)
  • If you want a large brand to take on the strategy – employ an INFLUENCER to carry out your promotional story to boost exposure
  • Include a competition – engage with the audience, get them to participate by sending in creative snaps
  • Perfect tool for targeting 13-35’s
  • Create a story, as your viewers their opinion, give you direction which in turn gives them power and a reason to return
  • Consider using it in-house, get your staff involved, empower them with creativity too!
  • Utilise Geofilters

There were so many speakers who were inspiring, I’d love to cover more.  Julius Dien was someone else who covered a ‘Share for Share’ strategy to optimise your video reach, I’m hoping to write a separate blog on this subject! Watch this space…

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Making the most of your 140 characters on Twitter from Today!

Making the most of your 140 characters on Twitter from Today!

Today is a good day for Twitter users!  Have you been feeling slightly infuriated by the cramming of content on your conversations?  It certainly concentrates the mind for sure, and is actually great messaging practice.  Well, from today you can enjoy a little more freedom and as Twitter announced there are new exemptions in place.

Twitter is encouraging us to expand our creative expression with video, photos, polls, Periscope ( and now ipad or imessage features) , fun expressive Gifs and now this can be broader than before. This was announced and confirmed 5 days ago through the likes of @Socialmedia2day and The Verge

Here are the basics of the new changes:

* @names are no longer to be counted in replies

* Media attachments will no longer count against your 140 character limit (YEY!)

* You’ll now be able to re-tweet yourself 😉 

* Tweets that begin with an @name will be seen by all your followers

Twitter’ s 3 top tips for making the most of your 140 characters are:

Hetty Rackham Twitter Home pageI do hope you’ll enjoy the new exemptions and make the most of all the features on Twitter – why don’t you tweet me and let me know your thoughts!  Have a fantastic day!






New Facebook Update, Instant Video on Messenger

New Facebook Update, Instant Video on Messenger

How many Facebook messages do we send everyday via Messenger?

According to statistics we are now sending over 20 BILLION every 24 hours! We just love texting, messaging, tagging, Snap-chatting and Face-Timing!  The options are endless and taking it to a new level Facebook made their latest announcement that we can now Live chat via Messenger:

Facebook Live Instant Messenger
Image credit to Facebook News

What’s cool about it?  Well, if you are ‘chatting’ via instant messenger and you’re in a good wifi zone then you can convert your messenger text conversation into a live video chat! Very similar to a Snapchat feature, it’s useful if you don’t want to make a full FaceTime chat but want to share a ‘moment’ like; “hey do you mean you’d like this jumper for your birthday?” and you can instantly show it live to your friend!

Announced by Facebook’s Messenger Chief David Marcus it’s an exciting and strategic move, creating new features constantly improving and facing competitors directly.  David’s message is this regarding the introduction of Instant Video on Messenger:

David Marcus FacebookYou can now start streaming video without sound to anyone you’re sharing a live conversation with. This new mode of communication will make sharing spontaneous moments easier than ever before. So whether the person you’re chatting with is in a meeting, on a bus, or any environment that doesn’t allow for a full on video chat, she can see you and continue typing to interact with you.

We hope you’ll love this new way of connecting and sharing with the people, who are important to you. This new capability is going live today to both Android and iOS (both participants need the latest version). Give it a try, and as always, let us know how we can make it even better for you!

What are your thoughts on this new feature?  Have you used it and did it meat your expectations?  Let me know in the comments box below!




5 steps that will convert your Facebook Post Boost likes into Page Likes!

5 steps that will convert your Facebook Post Boost likes into Page Likes!

Are you fed up with pouring your budget into Facebook Post Boosts and then not seeing your actual Page Likes increasing?

If so, then here is a very simple, organic and yet effective strategy that is quick and easy! I discovered this facility on just the other week whilst looking at a client account and then I was on Snapchat yesterday to see it re-affirmed by Social Media expert Chris Kubbernus 

So often I hear people talking about how their Facebook strategy doesn’t work, this could be for a number of reasons.. so firstly and briefly are some quick tips for you.

Top tips to grow your Business Page:

  • Regular posting (at least 3 x a week)
  • Create relevant, engaging and fun content (25% should only be sales talk)
  • Time-bound – check your insights to see when people are logging on
  • Know your audience, what makes them tick, ASK your audience what they want to hear from you
  • Alternate your content type; news, blogs, video, reference to articles etc.
  • Combine Facebook post boosting and Page Like advertising over a period of time – see what works best for you!

How convert your Facebook Post Boost Likes to Page Likes:

So, moving on swiftly, if post boosting is part of your strategy then check out my easy and quick guide that will make you say… “Ahhhhhh Hooray!!”  Check out my FREE Snapchat video guide:

  1. Go on to your Facebook Business home page and scroll down to your boosted post
  2. Click on your ‘Likes’
  3. Click on that so it opens your Likes into a little window listing out your likes
  4. You will see some already Like your page but those who don’t you CAN INVITE!
  5. Invite them!

ADDED BONUS #TopTip If someone makes a comment that is inappropriate or offensive, here is a place where you can ban that person!  Just click on the little icon on the right of their name in this pop up window and the drop down say ‘Ban from Page’:Facebook ban from page


It doesn’t get simpler than that does it?  Now you won’t feel like you’ve wasted Facebook boosting budget or your time and efforts. You can really drill down on your Facebook Targeting with confidence and know you can grow your Facebook Business Page ORGANICALLY on top of your post boosting.

If you have any further questions of something to add here please do so in my comments box below, I’m always happy to hear back and opinions are greatly valued! Hopefully this all adds value to your Social Media Managment

5 Signs Your Business Should Re-brand

5 Signs Your Business Should Re-brand

Is your business considering a re-brand?  Or perhaps a brand re-fresh?  Then read on…

During 20 years in the marketing arena I have been through 4 corporate re-brands and as a freelancer I have assisted many companies during the exciting time of transition and development.  Believe me, it is exciting!


Questions to ask yourself prior to your re-brand:

  • Why do you want to re-brand?
  • Do you want to re-fresh your brand or have a complete new look?
  • What are the changes leading you to the decision of a re-brand?
  • Have you carried out a brand audit to evaluate how much this will cost your business?
  • Have you carried out market research?
  • A competitor analysis will help you position your brand in the market, who are the leaders?

 So, when should your businesses consider a re-brand?

  1. A milestone

Perhaps your company has reached a significant birthday! A firm I am currently working with is marking its 10 year milestone with an ‘up-grade’ putting a stamp on this milestone with a brand new, contemporary digital look and feel.  Not just their logo, but their website, banners and marketing materials.  What a celebration!

  1. DifferentiationAnsoff Matrix for brand Differentiation

Perhaps you have taken a look at competitors in the market and decided your brand just isn’t making the impact it should be.  If this is the case, you can inject new life and stamp your personality through your branding.  The whole re-brand exercise really makes you look at your differentiators and can re-focus your ambitions.  If you want to really understand brand differentiation – I would recommend you consider the Ansoff Matrix   by Smart Insights

  1. Company acquisition or merger

Maybe your firm has recently acquired a new arm to the business or is about to.  Due to a different or broader offering, you will need to consider the management of your brand.  With this in mind, it’s a perfect time to do some market research (internal and external) to work out exactly how to manage expectations and pull together some strong brand guidelines on brand management.

  1. Looking contemporary and advancing with times

Do you feel your brand is outdated?  If you feel it is, then your customers certainly do! Employ a specialist whether it’s a designer or marketing agency, invest time in thinking about how you can position your brand above the competition.  Research can stretch from competitor analysis, to focus groups with your clients through to visual surveys in the public domain.  With this behind you, you will feel confident your new brand is looking hot to trot!

  1. Diversifying your product or service

As a company expands, grows and moves with the times, over the years your product or service portfolio may have diversified.  During this period often business owners start to feel their brand isn’t representational any more.  This is a key time to reflect and brainstorm ideas for a new brand or indeed create a confident brand umbrella.

One or two of these key times may reflect experiences you have gone through or are experiencing right now! I hope that a few hints and tips here have given some food for thought, I will expand on market research and why/ how you should do this during your re-brand process in my next blog.

If you have any questions or thoughts to add to my blog please do so in the comments box below!  I’d love to hear from you and always happy to chat ideas through.